The International Autumn Online Festival has Started!




The University of Pécs has launched its International Autumn intercultural festival on 28 September. The Centre for Internationalization and Connections traditionally organizes the event series in spring. This year, however, they invite all students, and anyone, who is interested to participate in the events organized in autumn, online, to enjoy quality entertainment that offers a platform to expand your knowledge.



Because of the COVID pandemic, the event series moved to the online space in spring: the organizers of the festival are going to record every programme in advance, even the concerts, so that you can watch them online later as well.



The festival that continues until mid-November offers mini-concerts of the Korean Cultural Centre on Mondays, on Fridays they organize big concerts and other music events. On other weekdays, you can see interesting presentations, round-table discussions and online exhibitions among the programmes. They also thought about all our international students, therefore each programme will be subtitled in English.


This Weeks Programmes include: 

28 September: FROMS mini-concert brought to you by the Korean Cultural Centre, already available online!

30 September, 6pm: Pilgrims of Wonders photo exhibition 

30 September, 8pm: Japanese Tea and the Way of Tea presentation, already available online!

2 October, 9pm: MÖRK concert 


Please visit the festival page for further information: