Hamlet - poem unlimited




The Janus University Theatre invites the audience to a very special performance of Hamlet on the evening of March 8th. In this international co-production actors will perform on stage in Hungarian, Italian, English, and German.

EuAct Group was born between Budapest and Berlin in 2009 in an international context, aiming to bring down cultural and language barriers. For years, the works of EuAct have spoken Hungarian, Italian, English and German, grafting onto a flow of meaning that gives the measure of the strength of theater in its ability to probe the most intimate relational dynamics of the human being.
"The veil, between apparent reality and the supernatural, is thin; it seems to break when the avenger appears, then it closes too easily. We would like to keep it open as much as possible and hypothesize that men are ultimately guided by external forces of which they often become mediums. All the characters enter the Maelstrom, coming out young-old, alive-dead. Hamlet's father, perhaps the real one, is calling not only the son but an entire generation, an entire aeon. To act, one must be enveloped in the veil of illusion, and even this is based on a certain metaphysical irony."

Premiere: Friday, 08 March 07:00 p.m.
The performance can be attended with a 2000 HUF admission ticket, which can be purchased directly before the show. Due to limited seats, registration is required for the performance at jesz@pte.hu.
For further information please visit the event’s facebook page.