Green AURA Climate Protection Conference




The Green AURA online climate protection conference will be held on 31 March 2021, organized by the University of Pécs. Our goal is to present the Green AURA initiative to the participants, which promotes the development of environmentally conscious local communities. As the first step, we will introduce climate-friendly development options available in ​​Pécs and Koprivnica (Croatia) by augmented reality supported exhibitions. After that, with the introduction of the ’living lab’ concept, we would like to enhance the involvement of local businesses and citizens in research and planning new developments related to climate protection. For our latter task, we will explore international experiences; at the conference the Municipality of Copenhagen will present the way of cooperation among the city, local businesses and communities in the framework of ENERGY & WATER - Greater Copenhagen Living Lab.

Green AURA Conference

We hope that we will meet at the conference and soon we will be able to shape our environment together to ensure that our cities adapt efficiently to climate change and will be also livable for our children.

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