The First Champagne of the University Wine Estate





The second largest viticulture gene bank in Europe is guarded by the Research Institute of Viticulture and Enology of the University of Pécs (SZBKI), which also has a 300-year-old cellar. The “by-product” of their scientific work, research and education, is wine that has achieved national and international success in the recent years. The wines of SZBKI are available under the name of Pécs University Wine Estate!



The latest gold medal


A record number of 775 items from 15 countries were evaluated at the 21th VinAgora International Wine Competition in Szekszárd this year. The wines awarded with a gold medal include the Pécsi Summa Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 by the Research Institute of Viticulture and Enology, University of Pécs. Read more »



“Summa” means sum, peak, and completeness in Latin. Cabernet sauvignon is grown at the highest areas of the estate, at 250 meters above sea level. It was processed with open fermentation, followed by 9 months of maturation in Hungarian, French and American oak barrels.


Champagne: Nadir 63


As a result of three years of work, a special champagne was made this year! The grape used as its material was the Zenit (zenith means the top of the sky above the observer and it is a type of grape as well), which grows on the Szentmiklós Hill estate of the research institute. The slow process of champagne production took place in the cellar of the institute. The grapes transformed into wine, then into champagne, like zenith becomes nadir (nadir is the opposite the zenith on the celestial sphere). The difference in altitude between the plantation and the cellar is 63 meters, which is the reason why the champagne received the name Nadir 63.



This champagne was fermented in the traditional way, in bottles. 100% Zenit variety. It has a sugar content of 8 g/l, so it is brut. Greenish yellow in colour, plentiful bubbles, continuous and persistent sparkling. Ripe pears, peaches and exotic fruits (e.g. mango, pineapple) on the nose. Buttery notes of traditional champagnes. Light, playful acids on the palate, with hints of lime and citrus flavours to complement the scent. The finish is long, creamy, buttery. It will be officially released at the end of August.


Food and wine


Selected wines from the University Wine Estate Pécs - including Nadir 63 - can be tasted with the dishes created especially for these items. The special dishes will be available at Főtér, Kikelet, Tenkes and Zsolnay restaurants. The Blue Frankish Rose Novum 2019, the scent bomb Zenit 2019, the spicy Kadarka 2019 with red berries flavours, the Cirfandli 2017 showing a semi-dry character with hints of dried-fruits and the top wine Summa Merlot inspired creative recipes. In addition to tasting wines and food in restaurants, lovers of gastronomy can also cook their own dishes, as the recipes will be available on the website of the University.



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