Covid-19: latest measures and information (March 11)




Due to the state of emergency declared by the Government on March 11, 2020, there is an educational break between March 12-14 and spring break at every Faculty of the University of Pécs between March 16-22, 2020.


Students are prohibited from attending the higher education institutions; therefore, we ask every student not to enter the premises of the university.


All administrative matters of students shall be handled electronically.


The University asks the students not to travel abroad during the spring break and possibly stay at home.


Every higher educational institution will apply distance teaching from March 23, 2020 – facilities of the universities will not be open during this period either.


Hungarian students must leave the dormitories until midnight March 13, 2020 at latest. International students may stay at the dormitories.


The Operative Crew shall decide on the events of the University and the events announced to the premises of the University. Large events are postponed by the University.


In case of teachers, researchers, lecturers, colleagues, doctoral students and workers of functional fields of the University continuous work is required during the rector’s educational break, spring break and the period of distance teaching.


Video on the further ways of prevention is available here: 


Questions can be forwarded to the e-mail address.

Every further information will be available on the website.