Students participating in healthcare and medical training departed from the Pécs Expo Center on a special mission on 2 November. Altogether 45 people applied to volunteer from the University of Pécs, which exceeded the request of the National Ambulance Service (Országos Mentőszolgálat, OMSZ) by

The best of food delivery from a student’s perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic proved how important the internet is. Ordering online is an easy and convenient way to shop while social distancing. And if I am being honest, it actually saves you a lot of time. In the past few months, apps like Tesco, Wolt, VisitMe and NetPincer have proved extremely useful. While at home, awaiting my delivery, I could keep busy studying for exams or attending classes.



In this article, we intend to provide all of you with important news and details regarding the forthcoming academic year. We know it is a long text, but please, make sure to read it thoroughly as it contains vital information.


Under the pressures of the COVID-19 global pandemic, our main



Dear Students and Future Students of the University of Pécs,


As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered university life in a profound way. Not only the teaching methods, the possibility of entering the institution, but also our everyday life took unusual turns – the details of which




There is a raging pandemic: at the beginning of the semester very few people could have predicted, how radically our lives will change from one moment to the next. Measures against COVID-19 have overridden all personal plans. The Prime Minister himself has announced the first confirmed COVID-19




Numerous people have offered their help and donations of different kinds to the University of Pécs recently, for which we would like to express our gratitude!


The University of Pécs makes serious efforts in order to help battle the coronavirus pandemic. It is widely known, that in the






Due to the state of emergency declared by the Government on March 11, 2020, there is an educational break between March 12-14 and spring break at every Faculty of the University of Pécs between March 16-22, 2020.


Students are prohibited from attending the higher education institutions