Business Training for Pharmacists



Two faculties of the University of Pécs, the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Business and Economics came up with a training programme unique in the country, which helps the pharmacy students of Pécs develop crucial economics, finance, and marketing skills in order to ensure their future business success. The programme, which runs parallel to the pharmacy training programme, could act as a stepping stone for those who want to gain insight into the business master’s programme.

Dr. András Fittler, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pécs

Nowadays young pharmacists need more and more skills aside from professional expertise in their field if they want to be successful in starting their own businesses: beyond a thorough understanding of the basics, knowledge in the fields of economics, finance, and marketing could be what provides an edge in the competition for the next generation of pharmacists. Realizing this challenge, the Faculty of Pharmacy in collaboration with the Faculty of Business and Economics started the “Business skills for pharmacy students” training programme. Within the seven semester long training programme, students are free to choose the courses and participating in the programme is free. The market oriented studies have started in the autumn of 2019 and since then approximately 40 students have signed up for the Hungarian programme, preparations for the English programme are underway. The feedback provided by the students has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. András Fittler, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pécs

“As a practicing pharmacist and teacher I know very well how important having solid economic skills are in managing a pharmacy business or for becoming a partner in such a business. This is why we established this programme with the Faculty of Business and Economics” - said dr. András Fittler vice-dean of the UP Faculty of Pharmacy, reminiscing about the beginnings.

Written by Viktor Harta 

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