Thirty-nine enthusiastic Indonesian students completed their studies at the University of Pécs on December 18, as participants of a scholarship program offered by the Indonesian government. Students who studied in programs organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences received their certificates in the Halasy-Nagy József Hall.

The government of Indonesia launched a special scholarship program for high-achieving students in Indonesia. It is with great pride that the highest number of Indonesian students participated in the program at the University of Pécs in two faculties during the autumn semester of 2023.

At the closing event, director Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy, dean Dr. Krisztián Bene, director Dr. Orsolya Máté, and department head Dr. Gábor Juhász all gave speeches. After greeting participants in Javanese, Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy, director of the International Centre, said, "We all worked hard for the lasting success of this semester!" He emphasized that the University of Pécs warmly welcomes back Indonesian students to future international programs.

Ifan Mahdiyat Sofiana, a staff member of the Indonesian Embassy in Hungary, also welcomed the students. He said that their identity is defined by the fact that they build on relationships and experiences outside their country. He also quoted the first few lines of an Indonesian children's song, which was sung together with the students. The song describes how "discovering new worlds and learning from other nations is part of the Indonesian DNA." Ifan Mahdiyat Sofiana also said, "Our country consists of islands that are not separated but connected by the ocean. Bring home the knowledge and wisdom you have learned in Pécs!"

He also quoted Dr. Russell Alan Barkley from a recent education podcast: “Only a short time can be effective on young people, but after the age of 21, neither genetics nor education matters - the environment must also be changed in order to achieve lasting development.” This is precisely what has benefited the students during their experience in Pécs. Ifan Mahdiyat Sofiana not only congratulated the students, but also emphasized that through such experiences they can cultivate successful careers.

The leaders of the two student groups, Muhammad Ghozian Rosis and Nur An Nuha Muniroh, also summarized their experiences in Pécs. In addition to lectures, they also participated in internships. In the Community Development program in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, they spent time with civil communities in Pécs, which included Drukker Community, Round World Foundation, Pécs Community Foundation, Élmény Tár Tanoda, and Power of Humanity Foundation. During the Health, Sports and Technology program in the Faculty of Health Sciences, students completed their internship at the Ratgéber Basketball Academy. Nur An Nuha Muniroh praised the diagnostic laboratories at the Faculty of Health Sciences: "It was a great experience to learn about the most modern diagnostic equipment, and we really appreciated the opportunity!" They both highlighted their common cultural experiences, including the country presentation and the Indonesia Day held as part of the International Seasons.

Muhammad Ghozian Rosis discussed how diverse and impactful the study experiences were in Pecs with the expression #BeyondexPECStation.
The certificates were presented by dean Dr. Krisztián Bene, director Dr. Orsolya Máté, and Dr. Gyöngyi Pozsgai, head of the Study Abroad program office of the University of Pécs International Centre.
The Indonesian scholarship program will continue next year as well, and the University of Pécs International Centre is once again applying to the Indonesian program to receive training from the University of Pécs. Through this program, stakeholders at the university as well as in the city and region can also receive valuable feedback and gain new perspectives, just as the Indonesian students have brough to Hungary.