University of Pécs Water Polo Team Plays for the Gold at EUSA 2023!




At the EUSA Water Polo Championship held in Miskolc, the UP Water Polo Team has already won six matches out of the seven matches they played so far. On 18 July, the Pécs team played an exciting game in the semi-final against Corvinus, and with their 12:8 victory they already managed to proceed to the grand finale. We asked coach Gergely Lukács about the feat after the match.

"I congratulate my players for reaching the grand finale, and the same congratulations go to the Corvinus University Team, who fought very well and did not give up for a second", Gergely Lukács highlighted, adding: "I think that the decisive factor was defence. Although Corvinus led at the beginning, we were able to stay calm and played great water polo in the second quarter, so we gained a confident lead that we were able to keep until the end of the game."

"In the afternoon the team of the Budapest Business School managed to win in the second semifinal round, so we will play in the finals against them" – informed Gergely Lukács, coach of the UP Water Polo Team, who also said that "BBS is the team with the strongest player pool by far, as it is based almost exclusively on OB I players, and the UVSE team is its backbone, with UVSE coach Balázs Vincze as their coach."

Regarding the preparation of the UP team, coach Lukács highlighted:

"We will prepare as well as we can and give everything, we can to beat the odds in the gold medal game!”

You can follow the gold medal game 19 July, online from 15:30 »

Let's cheer together for the UP Water Polo Team!

Go for it, UP! Go, UP Water Polo Team!

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