University of Pécs Mapping the virus




Medical universities of Hungary are participating in a nationwide screening programme launched on 29 April aiming to map the scale of the virus outbreak. PCR tests will be conducted with a representative sample of some 18,000 people over the age of 14. The results could show how many people have contracted the virus so far, how many have acquired immunity and how many may still be transmitting the virus while showing no symptoms themselves.

The four medical universities of Hungary are involved in the testing across the country, the University of Pécs is conducting the screening in Baranya, Somogy, Tolna and Zala counties 1-14 May.

We asked Dr. Andor Sebestyén, head of the Clinical Centre about the scope of participants. “Only those people can be tested in the screening campaign, who have received an invitation for that.” This way, the statistical validity can be achieved. “It is very important that the people, who received an invitation, participate in the screening for the health of the whole country. They will receive accurate information whether that have contracted the virus, or not. They do not only represent themselves, but a whole group of people. This way each participant can contribute to a more accurate national response action later on.