Travel the world with our cookbook "50 Delicacies on Earth"



At the end of January, Pécs has become the center of the world through its colorful cuisine.

The cookbook project started way before, with all the organisation and recipe collection by Anikó Berta, the project lead manager. Our students had the task to pick out dishes which represent their country’s culture, history, heritage- a signature dish!

The cooking sessions started in the kitchen of the Event Center „Slyven” on January 29. Every day Hungarian Chef Ákos Lokodi with the assistance of our students prepared the most distinguished meals.

The kitchen was full of flavors from every corner of the planet, with some we met for the first time, and some of the spices and dishes we couldn’t even pronounce! From hour to hour, the aroma and the smell changed from south to north, and from east to west, so one hour we felt the aroma of Africa, the next hour we were in South America or China. However, the atmosphere was amazing all the time! The students themselves learned from each other different cooking skills, such as how to make dumplings, how to stuff a fish or how to flatten and make the thinnest dough.

The sessions were divided into three units. First, following the recipe, our photographer Lajos Kalmár took photos of all the ingredients that would later define the signature dish.

Photo: Instagram @studyinpecshungary

And then, all the fun started! While cooking, the chef and the students and everybody else, who was by the stove, the table or the working area, exchanged cooking skills, the perfect measurements of ingredients, spice combinations and interesting stories about the dishes. For example we found out, that in Brazil when somebody is sad, heartbroken or in a bad mood, then he makes „Brigadeiro”- a kind of a- as we named it- „happy meal” because it kills all the negativity and brings happiness back! As the last step, a photo was taken of the cooked dish, garnished and ready for tasting.

We could easily say, that during the past seven days we traveled the whole world thanks to the creation of the cookbook. As we are waiting for the book to be published in the middle of March, in the meantime, we invite you to join us on our Instagram stories @studyinpecshugary and Facebook page „Study in Pécs, Hungary” and experience the atmosphere and all the fun which we have had in the last couple of days!