TitaMIK on the sea of Pécs




Once again, UP citizens got out on water on 18 May for this year's spring Dragon Boat Regatta, where two teams of students and ten teams of staff members competed in rowing on Lake Pécs and cooking on shore.

As part of the PTE for Families programme, the Sport Office of the University of Pécs received applications from 10 employees and 2 student teams, who, as in previous years, could compete not only in rowing, but also in the inevitable cooking (and serving) competition. The latter event provided an excellent atmosphere, while the perfect weather ensured ideal racing conditions, which favoured the younger age group, with the student teams taking the top of the podium.

The Dragon Boat Regatta was won by the TitaMIK team of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (MIK), with the MIKings, also students of the faculty, finishing second.

Máté Kristóf, the organiser of the MIK teams, said that this was the third time they had taken part in the competition this year and the second time they had been able to participate with two teams. At the same time, he pointed out that the boats were not only crewed by MIK students, but also by three ETK (Faculty of Health Sciences) and three TTK (Faculty of Sciences) students, and he hopes that their participation will encourage other faculties to enter separate teams for the next regatta in autumn, making the event more exciting and diverse. 

„Year by year we have new people joining the team, so we have never had the same boat line-up twice. Fortunately we have a good supply of new students to replace the graduates.

We love going to Orfű, we really like the atmosphere of the competition, which is also enhanced by the the sea of Pécs. 

The service and the organisation is always very good, as well as the fact that the dragon boat race is combined with a cooking competition. This is one of the best parts of the autumn and spring semester." - said Máté Kristóf, who also emphasised that the Dragon Boat Regatta is always a good opportunity to spend quality time together in a good atmosphere, not only with fellow students but also with the staff of the university.
A major factor in the victory was the amount of practice, the Orfű Youth and Sports Camp provided the teams with the tools and the opportunity to prepare, and the faculty student government provided financial support.

In third place, the best staff team, the President's Men, finished in the top three. In addition to the rowing bronze medal, the staff of the Clinical Centre defended their title in the cooking competition after the gold medal was once again won by the team members. Interestingly, the KaMIKaze, a team of MIK staff, finished fourth.

Results - Dragon Boat
1. TitaMIK
2. MIKingek
3. The President's Men
4. KaMIKaze
5. IIG Dragon Team
6. LMI Forces

Winning team members: Eszter Radnai, Sára Sebő, Zsóka Rács, Dorka Gerencsér, Gabi Szabó, Gréti Helmeczy, Dávid Aradi, Gergő Takács, Dominik Zsurki, Attila Szücs, Péter Zalán Vadász, Gábor Oláh, Sándor Szalai, Bátor Illés, Tamás Tajty, Ádám Stecker, Gergő Szeledi, Zsombor Garamvári
Drummer: Janka Marosi

Results - Cooking competition + presentation
1. The Persident’s Men
2. nemKO/ Rainbow Glitter Ponies
3. House dragons
4. IIG Dragon Team
5. MIKings
6. LMI Forces