Power Plant of Colours! Exhibition




The latest exhibition of István Losonczy painter, visual artist, assistant professor at the Music and Visual Arts Faculty, University of Pécs has opened on 18 May in the Nádor Gallery. At the unusual opening ceremony there were many people, and the speech of dr. Attila Doboviczki revealed the impression Ilona Keserü and her Power of Colours series have made on István Losonczy.

The opening speech delivered by dr. Attila Doboviczki media researcher (right) was close to a stream of consciousness formulated on behalf of the painter. Among the thoughts shared was a recollection about the impression Ilona Keserü has made on the painter, how she inspired a new learning curve of mixing colours, which he has done for hours on end.

“The unique style of the painter is irrelevant in my opinion. You have to find a problem and see it through that is current, relevant and important. I will not paint pictures like these until I die. I will leave this phase behind, like water flows out of a labyrinth. But first, I have to go through it”

– he emphasized on the topic of the exhibition.

István Losonczy has been teaching at the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts since 2007. His dynamic exhibition titled the Power Plant of Colours will be at the Nádor Gallery until 8 June. We highly recommend a visit or two!

Nádor Gallery – 15 Szécheny tér, Pécs

Open: Mo-Fr 2-6 pm

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