Pécs wins the 51st Medic Cup!




Pécs university students won this year's Medic Cup competition - the organizers announced it at the closing ceremony of the three day long competition on April 21 in the Főnix Aréna in Debrecen.

This year, for the 51st time, medical students, pharmacy students, dentistry students and students of the Faculty of Health Sciences from the four Hungarian medical schools - the University of Debrecen, the University of Pécs, the Semmelweis University and the University of Szeged - competed in five sports. The women's and men's teams competed in futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball and water polo. This year, for the first time, female athletes were also able to compete in all sports.
The best individual performers and teams received their trophies at the closing ceremony on Sunday, and

the University of Pécs team, the absolute winner of the Medic Cup,

took home the cup.

"Sport and healing are teamwork, let's go!" - greeted the youth at the closing ceremony the Minister of State for Innovation and Higher Education of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.
Balázs Hankó said that "university makes you young and keeps you young, sport makes you young and keeps you young", and together this is the recipe for "eternal youth". The participants of the Medic Cup have brought the hope of "eternal youth" for the 51st time - he added.

The Under-secretery of State reminded that it is only eighty days until Debrecen, together with its "neighbouring castle", Miskolc, will host Europe's largest higher education and sporting event, the European University Games, with eight thousand participants from more than five hundred universities in Europe coming to Hungary. The University of Pécs achieved very good results in this event last year, and this year many promising athletes will compete for Pécs University of Technology.