Pécs-Osijek: Further Strengthening the Partnership with the University of Osijek




A two-member delegation from Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek arrived in Pécs on 10 January. The purpose of their visit was, on the one hand, to join the Pannon European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC), of which UP is a member, and to examine the possibilities of further deepening the decades-long cooperation between the two higher education institutions.

On behalf of the Croatian partner university, Dr. Vlado Guberac, Rector, and Dr. Sonja Vila, Vice-Rector for Science and International Affairs arrived in Pécs. The two Croatian-Hungarian-English discussions in the UP Rector's Council Room were held in a good mood. The meeting with the Pannon EGTC established in 2010 aimed at cross-border development was held with the attendance of János Magdó, Hungary Consul General in Osijek, Dr. Katalin Szili, curator of Universitas Quinqueecclesiensis Foundation, Dr. Éva Mikes, curator of UQF, Dr. Péter Merza, director of Pannon EGTC, Dr. Judit Füzér, deputy director of Pannon EGTC, and Lívia Tóth, economic expert of the organization. "Our goal was to find as many points of contact as possible in the large region around the Croatian-Hungarian border," curator Dr. Éva Mikes emphasized at the meeting, adding:

"UP is a great university of the region with national significance, the University of Osijek is our partner in this, which is why we would be happy to further develop relations."

The fifty-year-old partner university in Osijek has twelve thousand students studying in fourteen faculties, three of which are university level. They are assisted by two thousand three hundred employees. "Our relationship with Pécs is the most fruitful, which manifests itself in scientific-research cooperation. We have gained considerable experience in international projects implemented with UP, and I would also like to highlight the cooperation between art academies" – underlined Dr. Vlado Guberac, rector of the University of Osijek. "The Senate voted unanimously for Josip Juraj Strossmayer University to join the Pannon EGTC," - said Dr. Sonja Vila, Vice-Rector.

The rest of the meeting focused on interuniversity relations, the meeting was attended by the two-member Croatian delegation, Consul General János Magdó, rector Dr. Attila Miseta, international director Dr. István Tarrósy, curator Dr. Katalin Szili and curator Dr. Éva Mikes. "Our goal is to:

strengthen relations between the two universities and make better use of the opportunities that arise."

– emphasized Dr. Attila Miseta, rector of UP. In addition to UP's internationalization successes and aspirations, economic development and R&D, which have become even more prominent since the model change, also played a prominent role at the meeting.

The partnership with Osijek, which dates back to the ‘70s, involves several faculties, especially the Medical School, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. "Since the previous framework agreement has expired, we recommend

the renewal of the strategic framework agreement"

– said Dr. István Tarrósy, international director. A delegation from the University of Osijek strongly supported this proposal.

Concrete plans were also formulated by the partner institions in the meeting, with the agreement of both parties, so it is expected that in the future, for example, after reviewing scientific fields, thematic scientific open days, cultural, artistic and sports programs will be organized, and the management of higher education institutions will organize mutual visits. Student and academic staff exchange programmes between the two institutions, as well as the possibility of cooperation between European university associations, were discussed.

Written by: Mariann Tóth, UnivPécs

Photos: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs

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