My Pécs




my pécs

A special program was opened on March 1st as part of the International Seasons program series of the PTE International Centre. The exhibition features photos taken by international students of PTE. The theme of the exhibition is "My Pécs," and the photos capture what is important to international students about the city.

my pécs

"We wanted to see what is important about Pécs for the international students of PTE. That's why we announced the call for applications in December under the title My Pécs," said Péter Árvai, Deputy Director of the International Centre, at the opening of the event. He announced that a total of 37 applications were received from 7 different faculties of PTE. "In addition to the diversity, you can also see that there are pictures where you don't understand at first glance why the buildings on them are important. But if you read the texts next to the photos, it turns out that there are serious stories and experiences behind them," said Péter Árvai.

my pécs

The PTE International Centre originally intended the call to be a competition, but after seeing the photos received, they decided to reward all applicants with a large joint cultural program.
The exhibition is open until March 30th at the Knowledge Center. You can also view the photos online on the International Seasons Facebook page.