More Frequent Bus Service




To meet the increased demand of transportation thanks to the recent relaunching of the economy, the Tüke Busz Zrt will provide more frequent bus service from 25 May.



The following apply from 25 May:


  • you can get on the bus only at the front door, to get off, use the other doors
  • you have to wear a mask, or cover your face with a scarf on the bus
  • you can buy a ticket from driver
  • after you got on the bus, do not stay near the driver, go towards the back of the bus, because in accordance with the current safety regulations, the seats near the driver cannot be taken in order to protect the health of the bus driver.
  • buses continue to be disinfected frequently, the drivers will be equipped with gloves for health safety
  • the latest version of the timetable will be posted at the bus stops, and will be available online as well:


The Helpdesk of the company is reopened, however, if possible, try to ask for information and help on the phone, or in e-mail.


Tüke Busz Zrt. Helpdesk

60 Rákóczi str., 7621 Pécs


Opening hours:

  • Mon-Wed: 7.30-16.30
  • Thu: 7.30-17.30
  • Fri: 7.30-12.30
  • Sat-Sun: closed


Phone: +36/72-510-992



In case you have been charged with a penalty fare during the pandemic, but you can show that you had a valid monthly pass at that time, please go to the helpdesk in person until 5 June and pay your fee.