International Spring 2019 - Australia & Asia Days



International Spring is organized for the third time at the University of Pécs in order to celebrate the diversity of the more than 4000 international students from all over the world. The programme starts with Australia Evening on 11th March and contunues with Asia Days, between 12th and 14th, at numerous cultural spots in Pécs.

11 March – Australian Evening

Reggeli Kávézó

18:00 „The land of red rocks and deserts: Australia” - Opening ceremony of Australian photo exhibition and lecture about the nature of Australia by György Mánfai

19:00   Kölyök-world music live-show/ one-man etno show/ live looping
Performance by Gábor „Kölyök” Nemes: etno-pop-folk fingerstyle guitarist


12 March – China Day

House of Arts and Literature

16:00  Adrienn Simon: Chinese etiquett – experience of the chinese social contact

Adrienn Simon is the Senior Consultant and Vice-President of the Hungarian-Chinese Friendship Society. In her lecture she tells us about her decades of experience of the unwritten rules of the chinese social contact. Lecture in Hungarian with English presentation.

17:00 Dr. Gergely Horváth: Following hungarian scientists in Central Asia         

The lecture first of all presents the natural conditions of the barely known Xinjang, located on the Northwest of China. It presents the natural assets of a spectecular geopark and some cultural memories of the province. Dr. Gergely Horváth is a retired instructor and a geography candidate of ELTE University. He taught for decades the regional geography of continents at first for future geography teachers, later for geographers. He is a co-author for many school books. Lecture in Hugarian with English presentation.

17:00 „International Day for PhD students”
Rector’s Cabinet – Senate Council Hall

Organizer, partners: Centre for Internationalisation and Connections, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Hungarian-Chinese Friendship Society



13 March – Japan Day

House of Arts and Literature

16:30 – 17:30 - Japanese tea art performance and presentation – Urasenke School presentation

17:00 – 20:30 - Origami and furoshiki workshop                                                                                                                     

17:30 – 18:30 - Tea art performance workshop (a pinch of art up close)                                                                         

During the workshop participants can taste the matcha tea and belonging sweets.

17:30 – 18:30 - Dr. Judit Vihar – haiku lecture in Hungarian language                                   

18:30 – 19:00 - Lecture of Japanese students                                                                                                            

19.00 – 20:00 - Introduction to the world of kimono                                                                                                            

Performer: Kornélia Rajzó-Kontor, assists: Mariann Tóth
Lecture with photos made by Kornélia in Japan. Introduction of the art of kimono clothing.              

21:00  Classical Chill Out II.

Kodály Központ
Amateur musicians of the University of Pécs onstage with the Pannon Filharmonic's professional artists - Guided tour before the concert! - 20.15!

Organizer, partners: Centre for Internationalisation and Connections, Hungarian Japanese Tea Association, Hungarian-Japanese Friendship Society, Judit Vihar, Misumi Mako (japanese student), Reménysugár Kulturális Egyesület, Judit Sági



14 March – Korea Day

House of Arts and Literature

16:00 – 18:30 - Hanbok – Traditional Korean Clothing trying                                                                                               

16:00 – 18:30 - Korean Calligraphy Workshop by Munbangsau Team                                                                             

The ancient east calligraphy is a part of the visual art, where – opposite of the west – they still write with brush. While in the West the letters are considered to be the source of aesthetic pleasure, so letters want to catch the eye (so that there is a huge attention on the letters’ perfect beauty), the calligraphers of the Far East countries present their own feelings in the formes of the characters.

16:00 – 17:10 - OzoneTravel to South Korea

Lecture of Róbert Bárány (editor, anchorman of Ozone Tv)                           

17:20 – 18:00 - Lecture of Gábor Csaba (former Hungarian Ambassador to Korea) – Miracle at river Han

18:30 – 19:20 - Gayageum concert presented by Park Minji                                                                                               

Gayageum (가야금) is one of the Korea’s well-known traditional string instruments, with the 12 strings made of twisted silk thread. This evening, you will have an opportunity to experience this! Park Minji, a professional Gayageum player from Korea, is going to present a Gayageum Solo Concert for the audiences in Pecs. 



In addition to Korea Day, film lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy in exciting contemporary korean movies in Apolló Movie Theatre from 11th to 14th March

(original sound with Hungarian and English subtitles)

11 March 18:00 – I Can Speak (Drama, 2017)

  • Running time: 119 minutes

12 March 17:00 – Anarchist from Colony (Historical drama, based on true story, 2017)

  • Running time: 129 minutes

13 March 17:45 – The Last Princess (Historical drama, 2016)

  • Running time: 127 minutes

14 March 17:30 – Assassination (Action, thriller, drama, 2015)

  • Running time: 140 minutes


Organizer, partners: Centre for Internationalisation and Connections, Korean Cultural Center, Róbert Bárány