International Autumn Opening Today!




The wait is finally over! International Autumn begins today! The grand, colourful event series starts on 20 September, and will last all the way to December! On the first week, you can take part in a two-day long Africa Conference, but we have prepared numerous other events, too: exhibitions, concerts, food- and drink-tasting events, and you can even learn how to play on a traditional African djembe drum! You can find the detailed program schedule on Facebook.

Did you know that a part Sudan is on the list of the UNESCO world heritage sites since 2003?

Have you ever tried African „Melktert”?

Starting at 4PM in the Knowledge Center (20 September), you can get to know this interesting place thanks to the photo exhibition of the Abu Ramla Sahara Expedition!

But that’s not all for today! At 6PM at Reggeli you can participate at the official Opening ceremony of International Autumn and get to know even more details about the Abu Ramla Sahara Expedition! The film group has prepared an exciting presentation from which we can also learn about the Nubian tribe with Hungarian origins! 

After the presentation you will have the chance to take part in food- and drink-tasting, where you can try the previously mentioned „melktert” as well!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you!

Events this week:

You can find more information on the International Autumn Facebook page »