Golden Careers




The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has awarded the Cursus Vitae Aureus, i.e. the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award, to two professors emeriti of the UP Faculty of Business and Economics, Iván Bélyácz and Gábor Rekettye.

The Committee for Economic Sciences within the Academy of Sciences awards the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award to researchers over 60 years of age whose accomplishments have gone beyond the borders of their own institute and even beyond the borders of the country.

So far, only five people have been awarded the prize, two of them former lecturers/researchers at the UPFBE.

"This lifetime achievement award is for academic achievement. I am of course proud of that, but I am also one of the few people who have worked outside the university. Five and a half of these years were spent in commercial diplomacy, as I was the head of the Hungarian branch in Japan. I think I can be proud of my achievements there and in the factory or in the foreign trade company," said Professor Gábor Rekettye, commenting on the award.

Commenting on the lifetime achievement, Professor Iván Bélyácz said: “In 2010, I received a similar award from the Institute of Economics and now I have been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Committee on Economics. When I started my career as a university lecturer and researcher, there was very little and incomplete knowledge of the business in academia. Throughout my career, I have sought to enrich this knowledge. Today, we have a much more differentiated view of business and I am glad that I have been able to contribute to this through my modest work."