Gap Year Scholarship - Call for application




Call for application – Gap Year, scholarship of EDUC (European Digital UniverCity) physical mobility program for students, in the academic years of 2021/2022 and 2022/2023


Dear Student of the University of Pécs,

The EDUC Alliance is pleased to announce their new physical mobility program for BA/BSc and MA/MSc students of the University of Pécs.

  • Would you like to study at a French university for 5-10 months and gain new experiences?
  • Do you speak French at least at B2 level?
  • Do you intend to attend courses other than the subject of your degree?


The Gap Year program offers all of these! We are looking forward to your application!

You find the details of the scholarship on the following pages.







Opportunities offered by the scholarship:

  • Students who win the scholarship will take part in the academic studies of a French university.
  • Students will study in the same status as at their home university. Their scholarship is tuition-free.

Aim of the scholarship:

  • to gain new experiences in education, languages, and culture at the host university
  • to allow to gain the educational, language, and cultural experiences
  • to foster the development of the students’ personal skills
  • language immersion through the practice of French language or other languages taught at the host university (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic).
  • to let the students try themselves in other fields of science than their degree
  • to let the students experience the intercultural openness in the two dynamic university campuses (in Paris and Rennes)

Duration of the scholarship:

  • Minimum of 5 months, maximum of 10 months.

Students who take part EDUC Gap Year program:

  • spend 5 to 10 months abroad
  • get tuition fee Gap Year Scholarship
  • enroll at their home university as active students, pay for their occurrent tuition fee at their home university, and get their scholarship for the duration of their stay abroad
  • have to gain a minimum of 25 ECTS at the French university
  • can not take part Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship or Scholarship for Christian Young People during the duration of the Gap Year Scholarship

Universities participating in the program:

  • University of Rennes 1
  • University Paris Nanterre

Who can submit an application? (Terms and Conditions):

  • BA/BSc or MA/MSc students of the University of Pécs
  • those students who have active or passive status at the University of Pécs in the semester of the Gap Year and they do not get their diploma before the end of the Gap Year mobility period
  • students with minimum B2 French language certificate
  • who meets other scholarship requirements

Please note that most of the courses offered by the French universities are in French language, only some of them are in English.

Please note that credit acceptance of the scholarship is not possible at the University of Pécs.

Parts of the application:

  1. Online application form
    • please fill it in English language
    • application form is HERE
  1. Cover letter:
    • Up to one-page letter, in which the applicant explains the reason for their application, the contribution of the Gap Year to the development of their career, social, European, and other skills, and their future socio-professional integration.
  2. Copy of certificates of language proficiency:
    • French B2 or C1 certificate
  3. Documents demonstrating public and/or scientific activity

Please send all documents to at the same time as the application but no later than the deadline for applying, Thursday, 4th November 2021.

The application will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • validation of the provided documents
  • content and quality of the cover letter
  • elements that need to be included in the cover letter
    • new skills development
    • linguistic and cultural skills development
    • European openness
    • assets for social and professional integration
    • coherence of selected courses with the mobility project of the student

Amount of the scholarship:

The hosting university enters into a student contract with the applicant.

Please note that the amount of the scholarship does not necessarily cover all expenses during the stay so it may need to be supplemented from other sources.

Deadline and submit of application:

  • Not later than Thursday, 4th November, 2021 at the following link 
  • Please note that we do not accept incomplete, non-compliant or post-deadline applications.

Please check the course lists of the two hosting universities before applying.

- UR1:

- UPN:


The submitted application will be evaluated by a professional committee until the end of November 2021. The winning applicants will be contacted by e-mail.


  • in study cases: Judit Németh, Institutional Erasmus+ coordinator:
  • in administrative cases: EDUC Institutional Office, Kinga Rippl, EDUC Community manager: