Europe Days - International Spring 2019



The "International Spring 2019" program continues with colorful events representing countries and their cultures from Europe!


18 March 18:00 - Spain Evening

Venue: Reggeli Kávézó


The week starts with a Spanish Evening where photographer David Pujado will show his photos. The photo exibi accompanied by the guitar of Roy Joel Pérez, student of University of Pécs Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. Before that, the evening wil open with his speech Dr. Domingo Antonio Lilon, docent of Department of Spanish and Ibero-American Studies of the University of Pécs.

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In addition to the Spanish evening, movie lovers will have the opportunity to watch two Spanish movies in the Appolo Cinema!

20 March 17:00

La novia – The Bride 

19 March 18:00



Free entry! (Reservations are strongly recommended). More on:  


Organiser: Cervantes Institute Budapest, University of Pécs/Centre for Internationalization and Connections, Reggeli Cafe





19 March 17:00 - Udmurt Day

The Udmurts is the second biggest Finno-Ugric minority in the Russian Federation!


17:00  Knowledge Centre  
Ethnographic photo exhibition by Miklós Demeter – „Udmurt landscape, people”


19:00 Lecture by Suntcova Ekaterina, Udmurt native speaker at University of Szeged

Nappali  Kávézó
The lecture gives a short introduction to the world of the Udmurts, one of the language relatives of the Hungarians. It will be an opportunity to know more about the songs, dances, the cuisine and other curiosities of the Udmurts.


20:00 Gajtan concert (Udmurt Folk Music) 

21:30 Jean-Christophe Giraud, colleague of Alliance Francaise Pécs, plays european dance music till lights out





20 March 16:00 - Day of The University of Osijek (Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, UNIOS)

House of Art and Literature

Numerous speakers will be lecturing on Humanities and Social Sciences and Natural Sciences



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21 March 15:00 - Discover Pécs! Day 


15:00, 16:00, 17:00  ”Ottomans, hiding in our streets”
Dr. Balázs Kósa – Turkish architectural monuments in Pécs – Tour with architects of Pécs through the Turkish monuments
Start from University of Pécs – Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology – A017


16:00  The history of the plague epidemic of Pécs in 1713

Thematic tour regarding to the plague epidemic in Pécs with Kövér András
Tous starts at Szechenyi Square at 16:00


The tours are free, but registry is necessary. You can registry here:





22 March 14:00 - Germany Day and "In the name of..." 


14:00  Germany Day

Venue: House of Civic Communities


Organizer: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), University of Pécs Centre for Internationalization and Connections



17:00  Bauhau Carnival

Venue: Modern Hungarian Gallery


Organizer: Janus Pannonius Museum



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15:00  "In the name of..." - Exhibition by the Lithuanian Embassy to Hungary

Venue: University of Pécs / Faculty of Music and Visual Arts / Building E33 - 1st floor lobby


The pictures of the exhibition “In the naem of...” reveal that the tradition of Song Celebration is an integral part of the freedom of the Baltic States, that is why Lithuania, celebrating the Centenary of the restoration of the independent state, organized
an impressive event in 2018.


Organizer: LIthuaniam Embassy, University of Pécs