Delegation from Azerbaijan at the University of Pécs




With the cooperation of the Embassy of Azerbaijan, the rector of the Azerbaijan Medical University, dr. Garay Garaybayli and three of his colleagues visited Pécs, who were welcomed to Pécs by dr. Attila Miseta, rector of the University of Pécs, Péter Árvai, Deputy Director of the International Centre (UP), and Gábor Czéh, International Relations Coordinator at the Mobility and Scholarships Programs Office (UP), in the Rector's Boardroom on 24 June. The aim of the meeting was to explore the possibilities of cooperation between two universities in the field of student and teacher mobility and joint research projects.

At the meeting, dr. Attila Miseta greeted the delegation, and after a brief introduction of the university, he presented the medical and health training portfolio of UP, as well as the numerous degree programmes available in many foreign languages. "We are very proud that the first English-language medical training programme was launched here in 1984, which has enjoyed growing popularity ever since," the rector said, adding that "70 percent of its teachers spent shorter periods of time, mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany or Japan, thus providing our students with an even higher level of education."

The Medical University of Azerbaijan is the largest medical training institution in the country, 

where the training structure consists of 5+1 years similar to the Hungarian system. "I am confident that our institutions will be able to cooperate in the future and that cooperation can be established not only on paper, but also in practice," said Professor Garay Garaybayli. He was accompanied on this journey by Vice-Rector Zulfugar Musabayov, Narmina Eldarov and dr. Gulnara Musabayov, with whom he visited the campus of the Medical School and the National Virology Laboratory.