Colombian Scholarship Programs 2024




In a bid to foster international academic cooperation and enhance mobility, the Colombian government has unveiled two significant scholarship programs for 2024: Beca Colombia and International Experts. These initiatives, overseen by the Colombian Institute for Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX), aim to attract foreign talent to Colombia while also facilitating the participation of experts in events and activities organized by Colombian higher education institutions.

The Beca Colombia program is designed to support foreign citizens interested in pursuing language or postgraduate studies within Colombia. It encompasses a wide range of opportunities, including programs for Spanish language improvement, specialization, master's, and doctoral degrees. Interested applicants can find detailed information about eligibility criteria and application procedures on the official ICETEX website. The application deadline for this year's edition is set for 9th June 2024.

The International Experts program, also administered by ICETEX, targets national and international experts willing to engage in events and activities organized by Colombian universities or abroad. This initiative covers various expenses related to the mobility of international lecturers and researchers collaborating with Colombian universities. Detailed information about this program can also be accessed through the official ICETEX  website.