Changes in the Bus Schedule and Free Wifi




Due to a shortage of drivers, the Tükebus will be operating fewer routes from Thursday 6 April. The new timetable is available »

The changes will mainly affect the dawn, late morning and late evening services. The 44 route in the city centre will be discontinued, and on the 55 route connecting Kertváros with the Medical School and the Ifjúság street campus, five buses will be cancelled during weekday mornings.

There is some good news as well: on the 10 BYD and 8 Mercedes Benz eCitaro solo electric buses, free WiFi will be available in the entire passenger compartment on a trial basis. Once you accept the conditions of use, no password is required. The test run is planned to last 3 months starting from 13 March. The free on-board WiFi service is meant mainly to be used for messaging applications, browsing and visiting websites and sending and receiving e-mails. Access to high-traffic video-sharing sites (e.g. YouTube, TikTok, etc.) will be limited during the test period.