Call for Researchers: Host an EDUC Intern




As part of the EDUC European University, the alliance's member universities are involved in setting up activities to strengthen the link between Education and Research and to attract more students to research careers.


Two types of internships are offered: long internships (2-6 months) for Master's students and discovery internships for Bachelor's students, following an online course on Initiation to Research.

The EDUC team is responsible for promoting internship opportunities at European level and pre-identifying students within the EDUC Alliance, which has 200,000 students.

Hosting a student intern enables researchers to identify talented students from our European partners, to increase the laboratory's visibility and to foster potential collaborations within the EDUC Alliance.


Why host EDUC interns?

Added value for laboratories and researchers:

  • Pass on your knowledge to train tomorrow's European researchers
  • Increase the visibility of your laboratory within the EDUC alliance and develop or strengthen research collaborations with the students' home universities
  • Consolidate international research teams by welcoming European- interns
  • The assurance of receiving committed students (1st preselection by the sending university)
  • Enable your PhD candidates to accompany interns and present their research
  • Identify potential doctoral students and develop joint PhD projects with EDUC universities.

Benefits for students:

  • Discover the organisation and activities of a research laboratory or research group as well as careers opportunities
  • Develop the scientific method and practical skills related to laboratory activities
  • Enhance the 'soft skills' of adaptability, communication, teamwork, etc. that will ensure their professional integration
  • Open up to interculturality by discovering dynamic student cities (Potsdam in Germany, Cagliari in Sardinia, Rennes and Paris in France, Brno in Czech Republic, Castellón in Spain, cities in south-east Norway and Pécs in Hungary)
  • Immersion in another European language (English, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Czech, Norwegian)
  • Possible funding through an Erasmus internship grant (subject to eligibility criteria).

Would you like to be part of this European drive for Research?

We invite you to complete this questionnaire if you are interested in hosting an EDUC student intern. Your answers will help us to:

  • Identify laboratories/research groups offering short internships for undergraduate students.
  • Identify internship opportunities for EDUC Alliance Masters students.

Click here to express your interest.

Once the questionnaire is completed, your local EDUC team will contact you again to draw up the internship offers.