In 55 Days to the Moon!




The participants of the PTE MOONBIKE cycling challenge, which started on 15 May,

reached the Moon in 55 days, breaking last year's record!

Well done!

MoonBike Challenge 2021 (Photo: Szabolcs Csortos)

More than 400 cyclists from nine countries – from Argentina to India – joined by participants of nearly 20 races and organised tours do not stop at 384,400 km.

The challenge continues, with a final target of 1,000,000 km.

On the PTE MoonBike Facebook page, the University of Pécs is still collecting the kilometres travelled certified by a bike tracker application or odometer photo. Those participants in the challenge, who complete at least 150 km, can win a cross bike and various cycling accessories.

MoonBike Challenge 2021 (Photo: Szabolcs Csortos)

The extra objective of PTE MoonBike 2021 is to educate young people on healthy lifestyle choices, enrich them through community experiences and play a role in climate protection. For them, PTE MoonBike is announcing a special competition this year:

The high-school student, who completes the longest distances throughout the whole period of the MoonBike Challenge, will win an Apple MacBook, courtesy of the Student Loan Center Ltd.

MoonBike Challenge 2021 (Photo: Szabolcs Csortos)

Hop on your bike today!