University of Pécs Days at the University of Novi Sad

University of Pécs Days at the University of Novi Sad


As part of its Internationalization Programme, the University of Pécs paid a two-day visit at one of its strategic partners in Central and Eastern Europe, one of Serbia’s leading universities, the University of Novi Sad. This visit was a follow-up to the one-day event devoted to the University of Novi Sad in Pécs, as part of the Jubilee Year celebrations in the spring of 2017.

International Calendar 2018/2019

Students from the UP Medical School created a beautiful and enchanting calendar this year.

Which is associated with International Evening 2018, when 12 students from different cultures demonstrated the multicultural diversity of the Medical School on stage.

The fascinating girls donated all proceeds from the calendar to the parents hostel run by Pécs-Normandia Lions Club to provide parents whose children get prolonged treatment at the Paediatric Clinic Pécs with free accommodation.

The Indonesian Night marked the beginning of the University of Pécs' Asia Days

On Monday, the 19th of March, in the framework of the University of Pécs’ very own International Spring Indonesia was our guest. Apart from truly amazing dance performances, the visitors could have learned many funfacts and interesting things about Indonesia, the country of more then 13.000 islands. We were honorod to have Wening Esthyprobo, the Ambassador of Indonesia and Ms. Titania Arimbi, head of information and cultural affairs of the Indonesian Embassy amongst ourselves.


The UP welcomed the 4000th international student

By this time the University of Pécs has more than 4000 international students, which is  an important milestone in the history of the university. 

A good indicator of progress is the fact  that in 2010 the number of  incoming students barely number exceeded  1500. The 4000th international student, Ide Kanako, a first year student of the Medical School from Japan was greeted by József Bódis, rector of the University of Pécs with  a diploma at the Stipendium Hungaricum Gala.