The Online Edition of the International Spring is a Success!

More than 1 million Forints have been donated thanks to the charity auction of Wei Xiang’s exhibition, which was organized by the Centre for Internationalization and Connections. The art exhibition opened live in the Centre for Learning just before pandemic reached Hungary.



Despite of the epidemiological crisis Wei Xiang’s intentions to help remained unchanged. With the use of the International Spring’s facebook page, individual people and institutes alike from Asia, Europe and Hungary were able to bid successfully. The UP Clinical Center utilizes the donations through the Cpt. Emergency Foundation (Sürgi Kapitány Alapítvány) in order to modernize and upgrade the Emergency Room of the Children’s Hospital.


Wei Xiang (photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs)


“This greatly helps the Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Room where one of our next plans is to introduce the Triage System (patient grading system) in the near future. As part of the development process we would use the charity funds to create a triage-station equipped with proper hardware and software” – said dr. Gábor Horváth, the leader of the foundation and a resident at the UP CC Children’s Hospital.


“I will gladly contribute to the connection between the two countries since I love both Hungary and China. I would love to see the two nations get to know each other better. This is what I want to help with.” – added Wei Xiang introducing his ars poetica.


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