International Workshop on the Training Modules Developed by the UN



The ‘Culture of Lawfulness’ international online workshop began at the University of Pécs on 4 November, supported by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The aim of the international workshop, organized jointly by the Faculty of Law and the International Centre, is to introduce the new Europe for Justice (E4J) education materials and discuss its implementation at Central European universities.



The workshop was officially opened by Dr. Adrián Fábián, Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Dr. István Tarrósy, Director of the International Centre.


The online workshop is attended by 70 lecturers, PhD students and students from 12 universities. In addition to the various Hungarian universities, the participants represent universities from Poland, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia.


The education modules discussed during the event cover subject areas such as cybercrime, organized crime, human trafficking, smuggling, the fight against terrorism, crime prevention and criminal justice.


The three-day long international workshop is part of a UN-sponsored project. The application submitted by the University of Pécs won in an extremely strong international competition. The University of Pécs was selected to be among the 4 winning institutions, out of 227 applications from 69 countries.



Building on the experience of the workshop, the University of Pécs and the participating universities will formulate recommendations on the utilization and integration of the new teaching materials in the curricula of the Central European universities.  


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