Antibacterial Gloves Developed by UP and Karma Pécs Gloves


Today, local and worldwide infectious diseases pose a huge risk. The main reason for their rapid spread is the contact of surfaces teeming with pathogens in addition to personal contact, since most pathogens can remain contagious on different surfaces for a long time. Karma Pécs Gloves and the University of Pécs (UP) have started a joint project to find an effective and comfortable solution to defeat these pathogens. That is how the "Invisible Pro" antibacterial leather gloves have been created.


The colourful range of 'Invisible Pro' antibacterial gloves. Photo: Karma Gloves.


"For surface disinfection, we usually use compounds such as ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide" – explained dr. László Márk, researcher at the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry of the Medical School, University of Pécs and the project's professional leader. "These substances effectively reduce the number of germs, however, their effect only lasts for a few hours after application. In the framework of our collaboration, we developed a novel, physically and chemically stable compound and leather impregnation technology that has a long-term antibacterial effect" - highlighted László Márk.


Ryan Gosling waering iconic leather gloves made by Karma Gloves in the movie Drive (2011).


Karma Pécs Gloves is not only a glove brand, but also a manufacturing company that makes leather gloves with 30 specialists from Pécs using traditional artisan technology for Europe's renowned brands. Bernadett Hornicz, the financial manager of the family business, recalled the start of the project: "At the beginning of the pandemic, we saw the situation in our international and domestic markets. Our first idea was to make gloves that would help people replace rubber gloves. That is what our disinfectable leather gloves were made for. The product became popular on both international and domestic markets, so this prompted us to develop it further. We had the idea, but we did not have the right competencies for the implementation of it. So we turned to the Baranya County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where they helped us to start working with the university. The meeting with Dr. László Márk was the breakthrough, who made the development, which we thought would be almost unimaginable, possible. Despite all our fears, a marketable product perfectly suited for everyday use has been created and has the most important technical qualities that we need in the current health situation" – expressed Bernadett Hornicz her delight.


Bernadett Hornicz, financial manager of Karma Pécs Gloves. Photo: Szabolcs Csortos, UnivPécs.


The University of Pécs embraced the idea, so a brand new innovation was born out of the collaboration of the manufacturing family business and the university. In a few months, the first prototypes were completed, which were tested by UP specialists in laboratories according to the international standards set by the European Union. The effectiveness of the antibacterial properties of the product line and the degree of physical and chemical wear of the impregnated surface have been tested. Today, they have come to the point where proven antibacterial, durable leather gloves can go on the market.


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