Information for outgoing exchange students

Application deadline for incoming ICM students:


The University of Pécs participates in many different exchange and study abroad programmes that facilitate the outgoing mobility of several students and academics each year. 




Quick facts:

  • one of the most well-known and successful programmes of the European Commission
  • two main types: foreign study visits and internships
  • so far: mobility of more than 3 million students in Europe
  • according to the former Erasmus students the Erasmus experience makes the post-graduation job search easier
  • 60 % of the Erasmus students are females and 80% of the outgoing students is the first in the family to study abroad

Programme objectives:

  • to increase in quality and quantity
  • the student and educational mobility
  • the number of international project
  • the cooperation between higher educational institutions and businesses



Programme objectives:

  • to make possible for the higher educational institutions (universities, colleges) of the participating countries
  • to host visiting professors
  • student exchanges
  • participation in language and professional courses, as well as in summer universities

Participating countries: Albany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro.




(in Hungarian)




Programme objectives:

  • exchange programme for those willing to study, teach and research abroad
  • possibility for the non-US citizens to conduct scientific activity in the Uninted States of America
  • application possibility for all the art and science disciplines





General requirements: enrolled UP student status, Stipendium Scholarship students are NOT eligible, good command of English language knowledge (US universities require TOEFL of IELTS language certificate if not native speaker), above average academic records.

Please contact Mr Gabor Czeh for further information at