Residence Permit

International students wishing to study in Hungary can obtain a residence permit for studies if they

  • Enroll in a public education institution or a state-recognized higher education institution.

  • Attend full-time courses or participate in preparatory training organized by the educational institution.

  • Demonstrate sufficient language proficiency with a valid certificate.


Application Process

  • Students entering without a visa can apply for a residence permit electronically via the Enter Hungary platform or in person at the regional directorate of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (NDGAP).
  • If entry without a visa is impossible due to citizenship, applications must be submitted abroad at a Hungarian diplomatic mission.
  • Applications cannot be submitted with a leniency application if the student is in Hungary with a short-stay visa.
  • Upon approval, the NDGAP  will directly send the residence permit to the Higher Education Institution's responsible department.
  • Students will receive an email notification once the permit is ready for collection.
  • In rare cases of incomplete biometric identification, students will be notified via email about further steps, which may include a visit to the Client Service Office of NDGAP* (formerly known as the Office of Immigration and Nationality or Immigration and Asylum Office).
  • Residence Permit Duration:
  • Validity ranges from 1 year to a maximum of 3 years, depending on the duration of the study program.
  • Extensions must be applied for at least 30 days before expiration via the Enter Hungary platform. More info
  • Extensions require a certificate of academic progress from the educational institution.


Additional Information:

  • Students with residence permits issued under previous legislation can still apply for renewals.
  • Third-country nationals with residence permits issued for other purposes can apply for a study permit if admitted to a higher education institution.
  • Late application submissions may result in the inability to justify the application beyond the permit's validity period.
  • Educational institutions must notify the NDGAP of any changes in student status within 8 working days.

* The address and opening hours of the South Transdanubia Regional Directorate of the Client Service Offices of NDGAP are the following:

  • 7623 Pécs, Csend u. 3. Monday 8.00 – 17.30, Tuesday, Thursday 8.00 – 16.00, Wednesday 9.00 – 15.30
  • 7400 Kaposvár, Széchenyi tér 3. Monday 9.30 – 16.30, Wednesday 9.30 – 15.30, Friday 9.30 – 12.00
  • 7100 Szekszárd, Szent István tér 23. Tuesday 12.00 – 16.30, Thursday 9.30 – 15.30

Further Directorates’ addresses and opening hours HERE

For more detailed information, please visit the website of the Immigration Office or consult the following: Information on residence permits for the purpose of studies