Updates on entering Hungary

Last update: 06 April 2022

The rules of entry to Hungary for Hungarian and foreign citizens may change in line with the prevailing epidemiological situation. Before traveling, please visit the official information sites of the National Police Headquarters and the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for precise and up-to-date information. If necessary, you can also contact your airline or travel agency. 

From 7 March 2022, the government has abolished all restrictions on entry to Hungary. This means that, after 24 months, the state of affairs before the coronavirus pandemic has been restored, meaning that all air travelers can enter Hungary, without a vaccination certificate, a certificate of recovery or a negative PCR test. At the airport, only the normal non-Schengen border controls are carried out; all epidemiological controls have been lifted. Accordingly, passengers arriving from Schengen countries can enter the country unimpeded, without any documentary checks, while passengers arriving from non-Schengen countries are only subject to controls regarding the conditions of entry. The Airport Police Directorate has also reactivated the automatic passport gates, which allow for much faster passage to and from the country.

Even though most restrictions have been abolished and wearing a mask is no longer mandatory (except in hospitals and healthcare service centers), it is still recommended to wear a mask in crowded places, such as in public transport, shopping centers, etc. 

Useful links

Information portal of the National Police Headquarters

Coronavirus testing center at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport




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