How to take care of your mind?

The pandemic has pushed us into an abyss of uncertainty, fear and gloom. It can be tough to navigate through the new reality, but there is a way to go about it. As a psychology student, I am happy to remind you of a few simple yet game-changing tips for mental well-being. 

I believe that sustaining mental hygiene is as important as washing our hands. Taking that extra time to understand why you are feeling a certain way can be relieving. Here’s a little diagram to help you out with this. 

The best of food delivery from a student’s perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic proved how important the internet is. Ordering online is an easy and convenient way to shop while social distancing. And if I am being honest, it actually saves you a lot of time. In the past few months, apps like Tesco, Wolt, VisitMe and NetPincer have proved extremely useful. While at home, awaiting my delivery, I could keep busy studying for exams or attending classes.

Grannys Cooking

A Cooking Story.

Hi, my name is Darko and I have been living in Hungary for about 2 years now. I come from a family that would always cook for me. My granny on a regular basis would come to my room with something new that she had invented or taken out of some old cookbook, and "I LOVED IT", I got to eat all the great meals that she as well as my mom would make without any of that hassle of making them myself.