BA in Psychology

At the University Pécs you may study psychology as a Single Honours degree. This can lead to careers in, for example, clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, health or occupational psychology.
Head of program: 
Mátyás Káplár PhD
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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Duration of training
3 years (6 semesters)
Language of instruction
Deadline of application
Next starting date
Tuition fee: EUR 2,900/sem. (for EU citizens), EUR 3,900/sem. (for non-EU citizens)
Application fee: EUR 140
Registration fee: -

The general aim of the program is to contribute to the intellectual and personal development of each student. Some students will choose to pursue more advanced studies in specialized areas, whereas others will choose to develop their studies within a broader educational experience before moving into a career in a wide range of employment sectors. The program endeavours to enable students to develop their capacity to contribute both to their own development and to that of the society in their future career. 
More specifically, the program's courses deal with the following disciples:
1. General and Cognitive Psychology (perceptual basis of knowledge, emotion, motivation, attention, memory, thinking),
2. Evolutionary Psychology (ethology, sociobiology, adaptive designs in human thinking and behaviour, human sexual behaviour, parental behaviour, coevolution: the interrelation between evolution and culture),
3. Developmental Psychology (learning, communication, social development, analytical views of development, cognitive development),
4. Personality Psychology (directions of personality psychology, behavioural views of personality, psychoanalytical views, assessment of personality),
5. Social Psychology (culture and socialization, social psychology of communication, cognitive social psychology, analytical social psychology)
6. Foundations of Psychological Methodology (library informatics and basic statistics, mathematic statistics, psychometry),
7. Special Applied Fields of Psychology.

At the University Pécs you may study psychology as a Single Honours degree.  This can lead to careers in, for example, clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, health or occupational psychology.  Many psychology graduates work in diverse occupations that do not carry the title 'psychologist' because the skills acquired while studying psychology transfer readily to various spheres in the world of work and provide an excellent general education.  The skills that you will learn while studying psychology, which may be of value to you in future careers, include information finding, oral and written communication, numeracy, computer literacy, time-management, problem solving, group working and the ability to carry out independent research.
Recent years have seen a massive growth of interest in behavioural issues in everyday life, ranging from stress, health, human-machine interaction and artificial intelligence, to social dynamics, personal development, mental illness, management techniques and the environment, to name but a few.  Although careers in many of these may require postgraduate training, you are presented with an enviable choice upon graduating. 


For a successful application please follow the steps below:


  1. To apply, click on the Apply Now button, and start your application.
  2. Register on our application site, fill the application form, upload the necessary documents and submit your application!
  3. After you have submitted your application, you are going to receive information on the further steps.
  4. If we received your application fee, we are going to start the evaluation of your application.

The applicant has to submit the following documents by uploading them to the online application portal of the University of Pécs:

  • Certified and translated (if originals are not in English) copy of school transcripts showing satisfactory completion of senior high school.
  • Europass CV in English
  • Motivation letter (introduction plus field of interest, etc.) in 3000 to 3500 characters.
  • Copy of valid passport or national ID
  • Medical certificate, (please fill the document and attach the serologic test results)
    • vaccination card (showing that you are immunized against HEP B)
    • HEP A/B/C test*
    • HIV test*
    • Chest X-ray: Please attach the chest’s X-ray result (not the film!) in English/Hungarian! (not older than 3 months)
  • Transfer receipt of the EUR 140 application fee
  • Official copy of the following language exam certificates:  
  • Entrance Exam (personally or via Skype)

*Please note: tests have to be taken within a year!


1st semester
Introduction to Psychology
Social Psychology: Culture and Socialization
Basic Biological Knowledge
2nd semester
Evolutionary Psychology I.
The Cognitive Psychology of Attention
Human Genetics
3rd semester
The Cognitive Psychology of Memory
Analytical Developmental Psychology
4th semester
The Cognitive Psychology of Thinking
Social Psychology of Communication
5th semester
Behavioral Views of Personality
Measures at Organizations
Applied Fields of Psychology
6th semester
Health Psychology
Introduction to Work and Organization Psychology
Introduction to Psychology at Schools
Introduction to the Psychology of Arts

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact: 


Head of the program


Phone: +36-20-828-0113


If you have questions related to the application process or administrative staff, please contact:

International coordinator
Phone: +36 72 501 500/24126

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