MA in Human Resources Counseling

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The purpose of this course is to educate and train professionals who are experts in providing help to organisations and companies regarding any area of human resources management, one of the functional areas of leadership counselling.

Head of program: Prof. Dr. habil. Andreas HÉJJ

Master of Human Resources Counselling
Duration of Training
2 years (4 semesters)


Deadline of Application

Next Starting Date
Tuition fee: EUR 2200/semester (for non-EU students);
EUR 1700/semester (for EU students)
Application fee: EUR 140
Registration fee: -
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The purpose of this course is to educate and train professionals who are experts in providing help to organisations and companies regarding any area of human resources management, one of the functional areas of leadership counselling. Special attention will be paid to career-planning and counselling, and a major discipline is devoted to equal opportunity and the treatment of disadvantaged groups. According to the tradition of this faculty students will also deal with employment policy, adult education as well as the interdependence of education and the workforce market. From among the practical skills trained the abilities of counselling and conflict management should especially be pointed out. The curriculum also arranges for a compulsory professional field practice, where skills and knowledge acquired may be applied and deepened in practice.

Human and Social Sciences
Academic Level/Type

      Entrance Exam (personally or via Skype), topics

      The committee will find out what the candidate’s primary motivation is in wanting to study HRC and reasons of choosing to pursue their studies at the University of Pécs, the oldest tertiary institution in Hungary.

      After a brief discussion of the candidate’s life situation and previous studies and professional experience, topics that may be discussed include

      Areas of exposure to HR

      Professional prospects of HR

      Fields of HRC

      Recommended readings:

      Santrock, J. W. (2010). Life-span development (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

      Ivey, M.B, Myers, J.E, Sweeney, T.A. & Ivey, A.E. (2007). Developmental counseling and therapy: Promoting wellness over the lifespan (2nd ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole.

      Sue, D. W., & Sue, D. (2012). Counseling the culturally diverse: Theory and practice (6th ed.). New York, NY: Wiley.

      Corey, G. (2012). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (9th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole

      Ivey, A. E., Ivey, M.B, & Zalaquett, C.P. (2013). Intentional interviewing and counseling: Facilitating a client development in a multicultural society (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

      For a successful application please follow the steps below:

      1. To apply, click on the Apply Now button, and start your application.
      2. Register on our application site, fill the application form, upload the necessary documents and submit your application!
      3. After you have submitted your application, you are going to receive information on the further steps.
      4. If we received your application fee, we are going to start the evaluation of your application.


      The applicant has to submit the following documents by uploading them to the online application portal of the University of Pécs:

      Your application file should contain: 

      • Certified and translated (if originals are not in English) BA Degree in Human Resource Counselling, BA  (For lack of the above degree, other degrees can also be accepted if they include the following disciplines: Social psychology, Theories of learning, Methodology of teaching and learning with adults, Organisational development, career psychology, HRM, Validation of prior learning, Organisational development, Knowledge management - please attach a transcript for the courses you have completed (title, credits)) 
      • Minimum 30 credits required in the following study fields for entry to the Master's program: humanities like pedagogy, psychology, philisophy, ethics, adult education; communication sciences; information technology, library education; social sciences like sociology, anthropology, political science; economic and legal studies.  
      • Certified and translated (if originals are not in English) copy of school transcripts showing satisfactory completion of senior high school.
      • Europass CV in English
      • Motivation letter (introduction plus field of interest, etc.) in 3000 to 3500 characters.
      • Copy of valid passport or national ID
      • Medical certificate, (please fill the document and attach the serologic test results)
        • vaccination card (showing that you are immunized against HEP B)
        • HEP A/B/C test*
        • HIV test*
        • Chest X-ray: Please attach the chest’s X-ray result (not the film!) in English/Hungarian! (not older than 3 months)
      • Transfer receipt of the EUR 140 application fee
      • Acceptable online language exams:
        • Duolingo online exam from score 105-115 
        • IELTS Indicator from score 5.5
      • Official copy of the one of the following language exam certificates:  
      • Entrance Exam (personally or via Skype), topics:
      • Education and equal treatment
      • Psychological aspects of defining personality
      • Adult education and labor market
      • The role of Human Resources Management in an organization 
      • The sociological impacts of new communicational technologies
      • The socio-economic environment of the labor-market.

      *Please note: tests have to be taken within a year!



      Organizational Psychology
      The Method of Counseling
      The Operation of HR Organizations
      Career Guidance
      Theory of Human Resources Counseling
      Practice of Human Resources Counseling

      For more information, please contact:
      Ms. Vanda BŐCZIN-SIRKECI
      international coordinator
      Phone: + 36 72 501 600/64127; +36 30 186 1686
      English website of the Faculty