DLA in Architecture / PhD in Architectural Engineering

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

In accordance with the original mission of the Pécs Doctoral School, heritage protection has been and will be one of the main focus areas of its activities.

Head of program: Prof. Dr. Bálint Bachmann, Head of the Breuer Marcell Doctoral School

Doctor of Liberal Arts in Architecture / Doctor of Philosophy in Architectural Engineering
Duration of Training
4 years (8 semesters)


Deadline of Application

Next Starting Date
Tuition fee: USD 3,800/sem.
Application fee: USD 100
Registration fee: -
  • Description of the program
  • Application procedure
  • Application requirements
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The primary task of the Doctoral School is to provide educational programs of a high standard in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna system to those leading architects with an MSc or MA degree, as well as to those with an MA or MSc degree in an architecture-related field.

Academic Level/Type

​Those Hungarian and foreign citizens can apply for the program who:

  1. already hold or in the year of admission are to obtain a university degree awarded to them by a Hungarian or foreign institute of higher education in the discipline or arts,
  2. performed independent creative work in the selected discipline or, for lack of this, continuously achieved outstanding results in planning/design subjects, 
  3. have at least one intermediate level type 'C' (written and oral) state accredited language exam, 
  4. present their previous theoretical and creative achievements in a portfolio.

The applicant has to submit the following documents by uploading them to the online application portal of the University of Pécs:

  • Certified and translated (English) copy of master degree, with transcript of records showing satisfactory completion of completed curricula
  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum Vitae in English and detailed publication list/ list of the most important art pieces in English
  • Portfolio of works. Please, submit it digitally.*
  • Draft about the planned research in Architecture or relative fields
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of the photo-page(s) of your passport
  • Minimally B2 level language knowledge 
    English communication skills will be assess during the Skype interview
  • The payment receipt of the application fee
  • Recommendations, more documentation etc - optional 

*about the portfolio:

Applicants for PhD/DLA programs - please send a portfolio about projects, works, build projects, architectural competitions, publications etc. (DVD, pdf, private website, blog etc.).

The Application Process

  • We confirm the receipt of application materials via e-mail.
  • The Assessment Board reviews and evaluates every application and makes a decision within 15 working days after receiving the application fee.
  • Every applicant is informed of the decision of the Assessment Board immediately via e-mail.
  • If the applicant meets the requirements and is informed of her/his acceptance s/he must then pay the tuition fee and send us the payment receipt.
  • After receiving the tuition fee, the applicant will be provided with an official Acceptance letter with which s/he can contact the Hungarian Embassy and apply for a Visa.

Admission criteria:

The following criteria are considered during the admission procedure: 


Results breakdown

Max points



Bachelor programs: GPA of the applicant’s last two high school years or result of preparatory courses of the University of Pécs.

Master programs: GPA of the applicant’s last two years in the BA/BSc training

0 point: If applicant’s GPA is below 50 %

10 points: If applicant’s GPA is 50 % or above

20 points: If applicant’s GPA is 70 % or above

30 points: If applicant’s GPA is 85 % or above

Quality and content of the Motivational letter  

0 point: a The motivational letter contains nothing specific, no professional goals are set;

3 points: The motivational letter is too general, remarkably few specifics and professional goals;

6 points: General professional and personal motivation, the goals are also mostly general but it contains at least some specifics (e.g. refers to activities and work tasks to accomplish);

9 points: Definite professional and personal motivation but still general goals;

12 points: Well-thought-out, substantive motivation, quality writing, and professional goals; specific, promising application


Quality and content of the Portfolio

0 point: Unsatisfactory. The portfolio exhibits several major and minor problems with basic visual premise;


3 points: Less than satisfactory. Both the quality and contain is substandard, incomplete in significant ways;


6 points: Satisfactory. The portfolio is complete and satisfactory, exhibiting minor problems in quality craft and detail.


9 points: Good quality. The portfolio demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness in addressing visual skills and creativity, with some minor scale problems.


12 points: High quality. The portfolio demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness in addressing visual skills and creativity.


15 points: Outstanding. Execution of work is thoroughly complete and demonstrates a superior level of ability and skills.


Skype interview

0 point: the applicant cannot communicate with the interviewer, not even the most basic communication acts (greeting, identity issues);

10 points: the interview is lagging, the applicant only communicates in short answers, mostly answers yes or no questions,

25 points: the applicant is fluent in general topics, his or her professional motivations are not fully understood,

40 points: the applicant is fluent in both general and basic professional topics and can express his or her professional motivation.

Total 100

Additional points

CEFR level C1 language exam certificate

0 point: the applicant has only a level B2 language exam certificate in the instruction language;

5 points: the applicant has an internationally recognized CEFR level C1 language exam certificate obtained no earlier than 2 years in the instruction language


0 point: the applicant can not provide reference letters from previous teachers, mentors or project leaders;

5 points: the applicant can provide reference letters from previous teachers, mentors or project leaders;

Total 10

The admission decision


The minimum requirement for admission is that the candidate

a) obtains more than zero points for each of the four main criteria, and

b) the total score, of at least 40, without extra points.


Tha maximum points the Applicant can obtain can not be more than 100 points.


For more information, please contact:
Dr. Gabriella MEDVEGY
Dean, Full professor
E-mail: architecture@mik.pte.hu
English website of the Faculty
Website of the Breuer Marcell Doctoral School of Architecture