Student Life

The University has transformed Pécs into a Univer-city. With Faculties spread all over and no one particular campus, students may find it difficult to make friends with those from faculties other than the one they are studying at, but with over 4500 international students studying in the city of Pécs it’s never hard to run into someone at the library, a party or just walking around.  Despite Faculties being spread throughout the city, most things are within walking distance and if not, the public transport system is very reliable. Monthly bus passes are reasonably priced, especially if you use your student card. The city is in general has a low cost of living compared to most other European countries and is safe. 
Many students may find it difficult adjusting to life away from home, particularly those who are coming straight from high school and have never lived on their own. For these students, it is recommended they live in the dorms for the first year as they adapt to life in a new place and studying at University. The dorms are a great place to meet friends and can be a safe place for students who overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities of living abroad. 
pécs Pécs is much smaller than Budapest and has much less nightlife than Miami Beach, but Pécs provides more than enough for students to do. There are cinemas where you can see movies in English or Hungarian, and plenty of bars and restaurants. There’s Árkád for all your shopping needs, if you’re not satisfied with what’s available there’s always online shopping.  
Traveling to Budapest for a weekend is always a great idea. You can see the monuments and enjoy the city with friends. Students also enjoy traveling to countries within the region like Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria.  
Other opportunities for all students are the exchange programs. The University of Pécs works with many Universities to provide opportunities for students to do their studies and training abroad. Students can do international study abroad through the ERASMUS+ program.   erasmus
dance Students always ask about sports and if the university has sports teams. The answer is yes!!! There are university teams you can join, and the sports available include aerobics, table tennis, handball, basketball, football, volleyball, archery and fencing. There is also a Dancing University and students can take classes here and receive credits for them.  

Student Organizations

The Student Council of the University of Pécs (PTE EHÖK) is an organization, which deals with students advocacy and protection. We are managing our activities cooperating with each faculty’s parth authorities and the leadership of the University of Pécs. Our topmost task is to protect students rights and to represent their interests in cases regarding studies, refunds and benefits, dormitories and other cases connecting to the university. We are also engaged in program organization, so students can relax during their studies. Our latest institution is the PTE Student Service Enterprise, it’s main goal to provide jobs during university. 
PTE EHÖK’s representatives and officers are elected by the students, which means that every student is a voter or eligible. 
esn Students at all faculties can join Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN is represented in 42 countries with over 500 sections and here in Hungary there are 15 sections. The ESN Pécs is the most diverse in Hungary and anyone who wants to get involved with other international students, especially the exchange students should take up the opportunity to work with ESN. All students are welcome to attend ESN events. They host many events throughout the semester like country presentations, animal shelter visits, hiking, ice skating in the winter etc. Their application and interviews take place at the beginning of each semester. 
For English and German students, the EGSC works to protect their interests especially at the Medical School. They do their to assist all students but work mainly for the medical students and are located at the Medical School. They serve as the main communication contact between students and the University leadership and provide support and a safe place for students.
They can be contacted at or visit their facebook page for more information