What are the costs incurred in studying at the University of Pécs?

The main costs of going to university are tuition fees, application fees, registrations fees, and living costs.

  • Tuition fees are the fees that are paid to the University by the self-financed admitted student. Tuition fee covers teaching and assessment.
  • Application fees must be paid to apply for a degree program at the UP. It is non-refundable and necessary to start processing your application.
  • Registration fees – some programs require a registration fee as well, which should be paid once in the first semester of the studies. This is also a non-refundable payment.

Please find the tuition fees, application fees and registration fees of the different study programs  please visit the individual program pages.

  • Living costs – these are your monthly outgoings such as rent, travel, food, social life, phone bills, books for your courses.

For more information on the costs of a stay in Hungary, please visit this website: Living costs.