Faculty Scholarships

The different faculties of the University of Pécs offer various scholarship opportunities. Check them out to see if if can be a good fit for you!

Faculty of Business and Economics

Alma Mater - fee reduction for study results
For the best-performing fee-paying students (who achieve a higher credit index than the average in the particular program and semester), the Alma Mater Study Scholarship provides the opportunity to get a study scholarship/tuition fee deduction.

Alma Mater - fee reduction for your social position
The AM social reduction fee is getting judged by calling for tender. The scholarship provides the opportunity to get a discount on the tuition fee. You get it for only one semester and can re-apply every semester.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Students can apply for tuition fee reduction based on the progress of studies and student excellence, commonly known as a Tuition fee reduction scholarship, which aims to encourage students to improve their academic performance, progress according to the recommended curriculum and improve their exam results and actively participate in student council work as well as actively participate in optional activities organised by the faculty (e.g. social and community programmes, support for enrolment/recruitment).

The elements of the complex evaluation system are the following:
•    Progress of studies based on the curriculum (max. 40 points)
•    Average based on Corrected Credit Index (Simple mathematical average of the CCI results of the previous two active semesters multiplied by four)
•    Professional or scientific activity (max. 20 points)
•    Public/community/matriculation support activities (max. 20 points)
Who can apply?
Fee-paying students starting from their 3rd active semester can submit their request only if the mathematical average of their corrected credit index of the last two active semesters is at least 2,0. Therefore, this tuition fee reduction can only be applied to the active semester following the two active semesters serving as the basis of evaluation. A maximum of 25% of students are eligible for tuition fee reduction in any given programme offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy in any language. 

Reduction rates:
Eligible applicants are ranked based on their accumulated points, and their tuition fee reduction of the given semester will be determined based on the following rate groups:
1.    The top first quarter (Q1) = 60% tuition fee reduction
2.    The second quarter (Q2) = 45% tuition fee reduction
3.    The third quarter (Q3) = 30% tuition fee reduction
4.    The bottom quarter (Q4) = 15% tuition fee reduction
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