1. Residence Permit
After you arrive in Pécs, you can arrange your registration card (EEA) or residence permit (non-EEA) at the regional directorate of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (in Hungarian: Idegenrendészeti Főigazgatóság, abbreviated as NDGAP).
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2. Student card
Exchange and International students are provided with a student ID card with which they can have the same advantages as Hungarian students; e.g. reduced fares for all public transport, reduced-price entrance tickets for museums, Youth Hostel accommodation and library membership, sport facilities for free of charge.
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3. Health insurance
First aid and emergency medical care are free for foreigners, in other cases you have to pay for the treatment. A full coverage general health insurance for Hungary is a prerequisite for registration at any Faculty of the University of Pécs.
EEA, Swiss, and UK citizens are insured on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when they are in another member state and are, from the point of view of social security, entitled to the same rights and have the same obligations as citizens of that given member state. The EHIC only covers the 'medically necessary' services (e.g.: dialysis treatment, oxygen therapy), but does not authorize the use of deferred care.
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  1. Check in to your designated dormitory (or your rented flat) and sign your contract/lease agreement.
  2. Register in our electronic study system (Neptun) personally at your Faculty’s registrar’s office. Please, remember to bring the original copy of your high school diploma/BA degree/MA degree as you will have to show these at the time of enrolment!
  3. Visit the immigrations office (regional directorate of NDGAP) to apply for your residence permit.


7623 Pécs, Csend utca 3.

Please book an appointment and ask your ‘Buddy’ to take you to the regional directorate of NDGAP (Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for better visualization!). You can find more information here.

First aid and emergency medical care are free for foreigners, in other cases you have to pay for the treatment. A full coverage general health insurance for Hungary is a prerequisite for registration at any Faculty of the University of Pécs. For more information click here.

First, go to the ‘Government Office’ to fill out the application document.

Address: Szántó Kovács János u. 1.

Opening hours: Mon: 7:00-17:00, Tue: 8:00-12:00, Wed: 8:00-16:00, Thu: 8:00-18:00, Fri: 8:00-13:30), take passport and student status certificate with you!

1. Provide your personal data exactly as it is written in your passport! You will receive a paper there, please make sure that your data on the paper matches exactly with your data in Neptun (if your data is different in the system, please visit the Registrar’s Office at your Faculty and ask them to update your personal data)! Fill in the ‘NEK’ number from this document to NEPTUN.

(What is the NEPTUN Unified Education System and how can I use it?)

2. After 2 days you can go to the Central Registrar’s Office (KTI, address: Faculty of Law, Buliding Z, lower ground floor, H‐7622 Pécs, 1-3. Dohány utca, opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 9:00-15:00, Friday: 9:00-17:00) to pick up your temporary student card (valid for 60 days only!).                                    

3. After 4 weeks you will receive a Neptun notification to pick up your permanent student card at Central Registrar’s Office (it has to be validated for every semester by a sticker at the Central Registrar’s Office – otherwise you will be fined by the conductors on trains, buses!).                                                       

PLEASE NOTE: preparatory COURSE/EXCHANGE students have to renew THEIR temporary student card every 60 days!

In this section, you find information on how to travel to Pécs by plane, by train or by car.

Yes, application is open. We try to be flexible with the admission as much as possible. Latest updates on the admission procedure are available here.

We are optimistic that the fall semester will start in September as usual. But we are monitoring the situation closely and make changes in our plans if it is necessary. Latest updates on the admission procedure are available here.

The VISA procedures unfortunately are out of our control. In view of the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the consular section of the Hungarian Embassy suspended its normal operations starting from 8 am, 16 March until further notice.
Recently we received a positive update from the Hungarian Consular Service. As of June 15, 2020 the Hungarian Government allowed the Hungarian Consulates to accept applications for long-term D type visa for study purposes. The opening of the Consulates depends on the local COVID-19 situation. We have collected and are going to update continously the most important information regarding the openings HERE.

Please make sure to follow social-distancing advice and do not take any risks for the sake of visa applications or other administrative requirements. There is ample time for you to collect and legalize all necessary documentation and submit your visa or residence permit application.

We would also recommend you to follow our information channel about COVID-19 and Admissions Update site.

In addition, we suggest that you check with the Hungarian embassy or consulate in your home country.

Applications to the University of Pécs are always assessed holistically. We look at all relevant academic and non-academic credentials along with the interview performance, where applicable.

As we take into consideration the results / grading / certification (or other arrangements) issued by relevant examination authorities or schools, we will extend flexibility to evaluate all applications.

To facilitate this process, please be sure to upload the interim school report / transcript of records from your last two academic years.

The High School Leaving certificate can be submitted later, but please make sure that you upload a signed declaration stating that you will obtain and upload the missing document as soon as possible.

Regarding the payment of the Application fee / Tuition fee, we are flexible with the deadlines, taking into consideration the lockdown in any country which might limit access to banks. We can extend the payment deadline if you request it. Please note that we accept both bank transfer and online payment via Transfer Wise. Latest updates on the admission procedure are available here.

According to the Operational Crew of the University of Pécs, the admission procedure can be conducted, and the Letter of Acceptance can be issued without the applicant’s Medical Certificate. The applicant can provide the missing document until the time of enrolment at the latest, unless stricter conditions are set by a Faculty, requiring the submission of the Medical Certificate prior to the issuance of the Letter of Acceptance.

For further information, please visit our Admissions Update page.

The University is well aware of the challenges you are facing. We are all in this together and are prepared to extend flexibility in evaluating applications.

We accept a wide range of English language qualifications, among them you will find TOEFL IBT that is now can be taken at home. For more details, visit this website.
View our full list of accepted qualifications.

Applicants who meet one of the following criteria do not need to submit a test of facility in English:

  • You have a major/minor in English, i.e. the English language is the field of study (studies in English linguistics or literature)
  • You have continued your high school or undergraduate studies in the English language
  • You are a native English-speaking applicant (a copy of your passport for proof)

For students affected by testing center closures due to COVID-19, University of Pécs has approved the use of the Duolingo English Test (DET) as a temporary measure for the 2020 intake in case of the study programs that require a language test result, unless stricter conditions are set by a Faculty.

For further information on language requirements for 2020 fall intake, please visit our website.

All documents listed here are mandatory application documents. However, certain documents are accepted to be uploaded even after the application deadline, provided that the applicant could not possibly obtain the document by the deadline of application.

The following missing documents can be submitted after the application deadline:

  • Copy of your secondary school leaving certificate/ college diploma/BA/MA degree
  • Proof of language knowledge (e.g. language exam certificate)
  • Medical certificate

When you prepare your application, there are certain tasks (e.g.: uploading the required documents) that need to be performed before the application can be submitted. For this, the online application system provides a checklist of these tasks. Here you have an opportunity to mark a task as ’I am still waiting for my Medical Certificate/High School diploma/etc.’

Please make sure, that you upload the missing document as soon as possible and once you resolve a task, update its status from the Tasks menu.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Pécs extended flexibility in the admission procedure. For more information, please visit our website.