How can I request the extension of my SH scholarship?

According to Tempus Public Foundation’s Stipendum Hungaricum Operational Regulations:

The scholarship can be extended only on two occasions (extending one semester each time), but the period of the preparatory or specialization programme and doctoral programmes begun from September 2016 cannot be extended;


Documents to be submitted with the request are:

  1. A printed request signed by the student,
  2. The written statement of your present study programme (which clearly explains why is it necessary for the student to get an additional financed semester – acquired subjects and credits, remaining credits), you can get this from your faculty’s registrar’s office,
  3. Transcript of records (from your faculty’s registrar’s office);
  4. The written statement of the sending party (this is the approval of the partner authority in your home country – look for their contact information here:

The steps of the procedure:

  1. Submission of the request to your faculty coordinator or registrar’s office, and – in case of approval,
  2. The electronic submission of the above listed documents to TPF at latest one month before the end of your last financed semester (look for the appointed TPF colleague online at: and send all scanned documents to him/her by the deadline by e-mail).


The extension can be considered as final only if it is approved by TPF in writing!

Any extension without the approval of TPF may result in the withdrawal of the scholarship!