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One of the great things about being a student in Pécs is that you can easily explore the city on foot. Riding a bike is also popular especially among the youth. Many of our international students pedal back and forth to campuses.


The other great thing is that the Faculties of the University are located in different parts of the city, therefore there are more campuses around the city and you can meet students everywhere. It is easy to approach these campuses by the efficient and inexpensive bus service. Single tickets are available for HUF 300 (≈ EUR 1) from the kiosks dotted around the city and also from some corner shops (e.g. Tom Market) and from the post offices. It also can be bought from the bus driver but in that case the ticket is more expensive HUF 400 (≈ EUR 1,2). Make sure you have coins for the ticket if you buy it from the driver. When you buy a monthly bus pass you are entitled to get a student discount showing your Hungarian Student ID card. The discount is 50% from the original price HUF 6700 (≈EUR 22).


Pécs also has many taxis so getting around late in the evening is safe and easy.


Getting around

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