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Pharmacy in English

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  • Degree: Pharm.D.
  • Duration of training: 5 years (10 semesters)
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Head of the programme: Professor Pál Perjési


Description of the programme:

The Academic Program offered by the School of Pharmacy leads to the degree of Pharm. D. This program extends over a period of five years. It begins with an introduction to the basic sciences providing a basis for further pharmaceutical studies. In the second part of the program, students take part in general and special pharmaceutical education at the university departments, teaching pharmacies, institutes, laboratories and pharmaceutical works.

The diploma program consists of five years of basic and special studies. The first two years are devoted to the basic sciences. The 3rd and 4th years specifically concentrate on the special pharmaceutical sciences. After the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, students take part in practical training on three occasions, in public pharmacies or at a pharmaceutical company in Hungary or in their countries. In the 9th semester students must submit a written Thesis, and in the 10th semester they are engaged for 4 months in a practical training program in public and hospital pharmacies. After the practical training period, students take examinations in the presence of the State Board, where they have to prove their skills in pharmaceutical sciences (both practical and theoretical).

The pharmaceutical diploma entitles the bearer to work in public and hospital pharmacies, laboratories, pharmaceutical works, pharmaceutical research institutes, international commercial trade of pharmaceuticals, and management of pharmaceutical materials.

PharmacyApplication procedure:

Applicants should fill out an application form, attach the requested documents and submit the file to the Student Service Center of the University of Pécs, Medical School. It must be noted that only fully completed application files may be forwarded to the English Program Committee. Applicants are required to take an entrance examination which consists of a written test and an oral interview. The application fee is USD 200 and the entrance examination fee is USD 250 (if taken in Pécs). The topics focus on Chemistry and Biology. A good command of the English language is required.


  • Deadline for application: 30 June (upon request, late applications might also be considered) 
  • Location of training: University of Pécs, Faculty of Pharmacy, H-7624 Pécs, Rókus u. 2.


Admission examination Deadline for application Tuition fee Application fee Registration fee Entrance exam fee
Written exam in Biology, Chemistry and English language, personal oral interview. No Skype interview is possible. June 30 5200 USD for the first and 4700 USD for the second semester USD 200 USD 220 USD 250




For more information please contact:

Ms. Lívia CSIDEI

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