Diplomats' Day

Diplomats' Day


Within the framework of the International Spring, we had the chance to attend a discussion panel named Diplomats’ Day which was take place at the Centre for Learning on 24th of April.
The main subject was the trade diplomacy. The participants were: Isabelle Poupart, the Canadian ambassadress, Juraj Chimel the Czech ambassador, Rade Drobač the Serbian ambassador, Pieter Vermeulen the South-African ambassador, Rahul Chhabra the Indian ambassador and Drynochkin Alexey, Ilin Pavel, the Russian Federation’s merchant delegates. The moderator was Dr. István Tarrósy the Director of the Centre for International Relations of UP.
First, the participants discussed their opinions about the challenges of the global commercialism, after that they express their opinions about the bilateral and multilateral trade relations.
More than 70 students attended, and many people watched the livestream of the event. The visitors could ask their questions during the panel. The University’s community was well-prepared, they asked relevant and topical questions, such as the future of the BRICS, or the future political and economic relation of Russia and the Western countries, furthermore the Szkripal issue were discussed too.

The success of the discussion panel is best proven by the fact that the students were asking the ambassadors and diplomats after the end of the panel, and were happy to took photos with them.