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What are the costs incurred in studying at the University of Pécs?

The two main costs of going to university are tuition fees and living costs. 
Tuition fees – are the fees that are paid to the University by you. This covers teaching and assessment – see Tuition fees.
Living costs – these are your monthly outgoings such as rent, travel, food, social, phone bills, books for your courses – see Living costs.


What documents do I need to have while I am staying in Hungary? 

For visa information, please visit this website.


What type of health insurance do I need?

Please review the answer here.


How can I find an apartment?

Please review the options here.


What documents do I need for my residence permit?

Please review the answer here.


How can I get transportation from Budapest to Pécs?

Please visit this page for the required information.


What is the climate in Pécs?

Pécs has temperate climate with snowy, cold winter and sunny, hot summer, ranging from average -5°C in winter to 30°C in summer.   You can enjoy the beautiful winter with sledging and ice-skating and can sit out in the many bars and cafés of Pécs in summer. You can also have fun by the many lakes, thermal baths and swimming pools around the city. We also have beautiful autumn and spring seasons. In South Transdanubia, spring arrives early. The Indian summer here can last till November therefore autumn starts later than usual.




How do I apply?

Please review the application procedure in our How to Apply section.


What are the fees for the international students?

You can find out more information on the fee on our Tuition fees section.


How long after the closing date will a decision be made?

Most admission decisions should be available within 15 days after the closing date. In some cases the notification dates may significantly differ.


How will I learn the result of my application?

The relevant departmental decision will be sent via registered airmail or/and via email (a scanned pdf version).


Are there admission quotas for certain countries or regions?

No. The Faculties of the University of Pécs admit students based on a combination of academic merit, professional experience, and demonstrated preparation for their intended degree programmes.


How do I apply for multiple programs?

You must submit a separate application for each program you want to be considered for. Regarding how to do it, refer to the relevant Faculty’s instructions.


I have submitted my application. How can I be sure that I have sent all required documents?

The relevant Faculty will send you a confirmation about the application and they will inform you what documents you might need to supply as a completion.


Why do I have to provide my mother's name in my application?

The mother's name is an important datum for personal identification in Hungary and is required for several purposes such as obtaining a residence permit, opening a bank account, etc. Please note that it is your mother's BIRTH (or maiden) name you need to enter, not the one she has used after her marriage.


I am not an EU-citizen and will need a visa to Hungary. However, I do not currently have a passport. Can I apply all the same?

Yes, you can apply - just leave your passport information blank in your application. We will, however, need your passport data if you are admitted.




When is the beginning of the spring/summer semester and when is the beginning of the fall/winter semester?

The fall semester begins in September. The spring semester begins in February. For more detailed information please check the Academic Calendar


When is the application deadline?

Our programmes have specific deadlines that are indicated on the individual programme pages.


How are your programmes organized? What is the duration of my programme of study?

  • The first cycle programmes last 6-8 semesters (3-4 years, 180-240 credit points) and lead to a Bachelor’s degree.
  • The second cycle leading to a Master’s degree, last 2-4 semesters (1-2 years, 60-120 credit points).
  • A three-year doctoral programme is a postgraduate alternative to follow any Master’s or equivalent qualification.


Does UP consider late applications?

Late applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and can be submitted only by relevant Faculty. Contact the relevant Faculty in order to get to know more information on late application.


Can I request deferment of admission?

Deferment of admission is not a standard option for admitted students at the UP. Individual departments (Faculties) may sometimes allow deferment for exceptionally qualified candidates at their discretion.




Are my qualifications acceptable?

To check the appropriateness of your qualifications you should contact the coordinators of the selected programme in the first instance enclosing brief details of the courses that you have taken/are taking, together with your achieved/expected grades and indicate clearly the subject that you are intending to study at the University.


Do I need an English or German language qualification?

It is essential that your English/German language skills are good enough for you to undertake an intensive and challenging academic course that is taught and examined in English/German. As a result if your first language is not English/German you will also be asked to meet a specific English/German language requirement. More information about acceptable English/German language qualifications can be found in the How to Apply section.


Is there an age requirement?

There’s no age requirement for admission to the UP, although the vast majority of undergraduates are 18 years or older when they come into residence. You’ll need to demonstrate that you have the maturity and personal skills to cope with university level study.


Have more questions?

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