Data Protection


The University of Pécs pays particular attention to the fair and lawful processing of personal data and personal data concerning health of its more than ten thousand students and thousands of staff members and to apply high-end IT security solutions to protect these data.


The detailed rules of processing personal data registered by the University can be found in the Univeristy Data Protection Code (HUN). The University’s health institutes are subject to a separate set of rules regulated in the University’s Health Data Protection Code (HUN). These internal Codes regulate in detail the aim of data processing, the kind of processable data, the data subjects’ (students, emlpoyees, health service recipients) rights during the processing of their data, and the conditions for data transfer within its organization or to third parties.


To guarantee the proper implementation of data protection regulations the University appoints an internal data protection officer. The person appointed to be data protection officer shall have legal qualification and shall have at least three years practice or special theoretical knowledge in the field of IT Law.

The internal data protection officer supports the action of the University’s bodies performing the data processing and data process with education, counsel and resolutions. Accordingly the data protection officer is the “protector” of personal data, who has a consultative, advisory role with a view to increase data protection awareness. The internal data protection officer is Dr. Gyergely László Szőke since 2007.



Dr. Gergely László Szőke, PhD

University of Pécs, Faculty of Law, Department of Administrative Law, IT and Communications Law Group

H-7622 Pécs, 48-as square 1.

Telephone: (72) 501 599 / 23321 ext.


The personal data concerning health are subject to enhanced protection so these data along with the health institutes and patient data are supervised by the health data protection officer.

Dr. Erzsébet Románcz

University of Pécs, Clinical Centre Medical Administration

H-7623 Pécs, Rákóczi str. 2.

Telephone: (72) 533-133/33018 ext.