Suhib Bani-Hamad

“It was worth it to choose the University of Pécs, after four years of cutting off Study, working, and waiting to the opportunity to study abroad. The university has great cultural heritage date back to 651 years, with distinguished Professors and leaders in their fields, and with various collection of courses and study programs, I like the soul in this lovely calm city and with International Student community from all over the world, sharing their cultures. To be in heart of Europe is the best part ever to study about international relations, Politics, World history, and European integration!”
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Form of finance
Study program
International Relations BA
Period of studies
09/01/2017 to 06/30/2020

26 a year-old, activist in Social work, a co-founder, member and volunteer at many civil society organizations with 5 years of work experiences in many NGOs and non-profit companies Before start Studying at university of Pecs. Now I work remotely as Heritage researcher in “Jordan Heritage institution”,  beside that, I represented my country in several international conferences, meetings, and youth training & exchange programs.

Politician’s assistant,Public affairs Consultant,  Political Advisor, Researcher. Foreign Policy Analyst, Lobbyist, Project coordinator (public/private/non-profit), and a variety of administrative jobs in the state bureaucracy, at private enterprises, and international organisations like United Nations, European Union, and Security Council.

Do not tell yourself it is a small city, soon you will soon realize that it’s better and you will fall in love with it, Stay in dorm for the first semester at least, you will get a lot of friends, invest your time here by learning new languages (Hungarian, German, or French), which is so useful in the international studies, you can find many courses at the university and the organisations here.