Ng Wei Yong

"University of Pécs provided me with a distinctive education experience that is greatly enriching. My lecturers who were all seasoned performers themselves were always approachable and very supportive that sustained a great studying environment. I am grateful to my lecturers for their priceless guidance. Everything in Pécs played a very significant role in shaping who I am today as a musician. "
  • Short introduction
  • Introduction
  • Career opportunities
  • Recommendations for future students
Form of finance
Study program
Music Performance MA
Period of studies
09/01/2017 to 06/30/2019

A brief introduction of myself, I am currently a second-year music student at the University of Pécs. With my one-year experience here in Pécs I volunteered myself as a student ambassador not only to gain more self-experience but also to assist new students starting at the University. It is definitely an honor and pleasure to be given such an opportunity to meet and welcome new domestic or international students on behalf of the University.

  • Music accompanist
  • Soloist
  • Chmber or orchestral musician
  • Undergraduate music teaching

The courses will provide opportunities for instrumental performance, and enhance musical skills, knowledge. The major instrument forms the core of the program. Students will receive one-on-on instruction with close guidance from the appointed instructor. Alongside core and optional class, students are strongly encouraged to attend or participate in the faculty’s masterclasses or concert events.